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Tasty Hummus Recipe: Quick Weekday Snack

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Check out this tasty hummus recipe!

Hummus is such a healthy and delicious staple for all dietary backgrounds!  While it doesn’t require that many ingredients, achieving the right consistency can be quite challenging, especially if you don’t have an ideal food processor.  I was recently gifted a Cuisinart Food Processor and it has been a life changer!  It really pureed the ingredients very well and I was able to get that whipped consistency I crave.  Check out my recipe below!

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Tasty Hummus Recipe: Quick Weekday Snack

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While hummus doesn’t require that many ingredients, achieving the right consistency can be quite challenging, especially if you don’t have an ideal food processor. See this recipe to get that perfect consistency!


  • Garbanzo beans drained, but keep the juice (you can use dry beans, but please remember that you’ll have to soak them for at least a few hours)

  • Extra virgin olive oil (I put more throughout)

  • Tahini (needs to be mixed)

  • water (mix this with the garbanzo bean juice but don’t put more than 1/2 c of these liquids – I put a bit more to get a creamier texture.)

  • lemon (about 3/4 of a lemon should work depending on how much you like lemon)

  • garlic (I love garlic so I put in 5, but just put 3 first and see how you feel)

  • cumin (I love spices so I put in around 3 tsp, but just start out with 2)

  • salt

  • paprika


  • Turn your food processor on and first add the garlic, pulse until the garlic is super tiny.
  • Then add the beans, EVOO, Tahini, water, cumin, and salt. Pulse it first and then put on high for about 3 minutes until it becomes smooth.
  • Add in the lemon juice, pulse, then put it on high for about 1 minute.
  • Taste test and see if you want to put more garlic, salt or cumin in there!
  • Add a bit more EVOO and water if you like it to have more of a whipped consistency – put a few more drops in, eyeball it, and taste it to see if you like it.
  • Serve with some paprika sprinkled on top and evoo drizzled.
  • Enjoy your healthy, vegan snack!


  • Need more flavor? Add more garlic, cumin and salt.
  • Need more acidity? Add more lemon juice.
  • Is your hummus consistency too thick? Add a little more water.
  • Is your hummus consistency too thin? Add more tahini.
Great food processor!
The hummus is almost ready!

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  1. I love this – turned out super tasty!

  2. I don’t have hummus too often, so when I do it must be exceptional. This recipe produces a stellar hummus when executed properly.

  3. DecadentLife

    This is an outstanding recipe. The hummus turns out flavorful, refreshing and great consistency. After eating this, you will never eat the horrid store bought brands like Sabra.

  4. I love this hummus recipe! It’s super easy and insanely flavorful!

  5. Just tried this last night and it was insanely good! Thank you for posting this!

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