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No Bones Beach Club Review: A Haven for True Animal Lovers

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No Bones Beach Club Review
Neighborhood: Wicker Park

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  • Pina Colada


  • Buffalo Cauliflower
  • Amazeballs
  • Northwest Nachos
  • Poblano Pepper Chimichangas

Read below for my No Bones Beach Club, Wicker Park review

No Bones Beach Club is a haven for true animal lovers! I first tried No Bones Beach Club when I was in the Pacific Northwest, aka vegan and vegetarian heaven. I remember thinking when I was there “if only Chicago had this”. And then a few months later, I saw a sign on Damen for No Bones Beach Club! I anxiously waited for it to open and I was super excited and eager to have an amazing vegan foodie experience.

The Chicago No Bones Beach Club is slightly different from the one I ate at in Seattle. For starters, you have to order at the counter whereas we had table service at the one in Seattle (I prefer table service because I’m lazy). It does still have the fun tiki beach vibe with sweet and refreshing tiki drinks like the Pina Colada. They also donate to animal shelters every week which is AMAZING. I love ethical vegan restaurants that donate their profits to animals in need.

No Bones Beach Club Buffalo Cauliflower
No Bones Beach Club Buffalo Cauliflower

The menu items are slightly different though from the one in Seattle. I found the options at the Seattle No Bones to be healthier and this was one of the reasons I was particularly eager to have one of these in Chicago. You see, Chicago has some great plant-based restaurants but they tend to have a lot of guilt-provoking, vegan junk food. I am all about eating this but I also like not feeling bloated. I was disappointed to see that some of the healthier options they had in Seattle were not offered at this one in Chicago (bring back the vegan sushi rolls please).

No Bones Beach Club Amazing Amazeballs
Amazing Amazeballs

However, they did still have my favorite buffalo cauliflower bites, which were insanely delicious and perfectly crispy. They also have these incredible Mac n Cheese bites called the Amazeballs with small bits of smoked tempeh on top and a smoky aioli. It is vegan Mac n Cheese perfection. One day I was getting my car fixed next door and just indulged in these for lunch and still had leftovers (2 of these will fill you up).

Another must have is the Northwest Nachos served with a creamy poblano queso, garnished with a black bean and corn salsa, charred jalapeños, and topped with a cilantro crema.

No Bones Beach Club Vegan Food Feast
Vegan Food Feast at No Bones

You must also try the Poblano Pepper Chimichanga, which is an indulgent deep fried feast. The chimichanga served on top of a bed of leafy greens with a green aioli and diced tomatoes with cashew cheese, white beans, and spinach oozing out of it. It’s heavy and decadent, but at least it’s ethically guilt free!

No Bones Beach Club Deep Fried Chimichanga
Deep Fried Chimichanga

No Bones will continue to be my go to spot. It’s amazing to be able to eat everything off the menu and support a restaurant that matches my ethical principles. It’s quite a rarity. The flavors and textures are always on point here too.

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