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Cabo and Todos Santos – Travel Blog Post


Check out my Cabo and Todos Santos travel blog post below! The West coast of Mexico is absolutely gorgeous and I had finally traveled there last year. We stopped in Cabo for a few days, enjoyed the beach and did some relaxation. It is a bit touristy so if you’re looking for something more serene, drive 1.5 hours to neighboring Todos Santos. Todos Santos is less crowded, has gorgeous beach views and some delightful and unique food options. The number of sunsets that I saw in both places were awe-inspiring and were a reprieve from the brutal Chicago winter. Check out my vegetarian food and drink recommendations for Cabo and Todos Santos!

Cabo Views


Acre Farms

The beautiful animals at Acre Farms

Acre Farms is an animal rescue, farm, chic cocktail spot, and fabulous restaurant located in a bourgie resort. While Cabo can feel touristy, I found Acre Farms to be a lovely respite from it all when I encountered the beautiful dogs. After walking around this gorgeous venue at sunset, we made our way to the picturesque, plant-filled restaurant and had some cocktails.

Mezcal Margarita

Give me a mezcal cocktail and I’ll be happy! Their cocktails were well-balanced and flavorful. Their food is fresh and local – we ordered plenty of small plates to share. The biscuits certainly stood out along with the burrata caprese. Vegetarians can find plenty of options at this lovely farm restaurant. They also can take large groups and reservations.

That dreamy biscuit


The views at Crania

While I didn’t particularly enjoy the music here, I did enjoy the bar and overall space. Crania is out in the desert with an eclectic assortment of outside art. The venue is mainly outdoors adding to its charm and if you’re hungry, you can also eat here while star gazing with vegetarian-friendly options. We just had cocktails while walking around aimlessly immersing ourselves in the art and music. It’s a dynamic experience and they have different DJs every weekend.

Todos Santos

Green Room

Delicious guacamole

Our first meal in Todos Santos was at this gorgeous beachfront restaurant and bar with fireplaces and dogs. Come here to watch the sunset as you gaze upon the gorgeous oceanfront. They do have some vegetarian cauliflower tacos and if you eat fish, this is what they’re mainly known for. I found their guacamole refreshing but I wasn’t amazed by the vegetarian options. If you are vegetarian, come here for the sunset and go to a more veg-friendly spot for dinner (Herbabuena).


Heavenly Enchiladas

A vegetarian and gluten-free haven in Todos Santos?! Yes, it exists! Hierbabuena is a vegetarian and gluten-free restaurant with plentiful vegan options. Hierbabuena’s outdoor décor reminded me a of Acre Farms – just a much smaller version of it. The restaurant is outdoors with plenty of gorgeous plants to further purify the air.

Delicious Pizza

Everything here was amazing and fresh from the kale salad to the incredible enchiladas! The sauce had such a depth of flavor and was one of the best vegetarian enchiladas I have ever had. Their pizza is also incredible – the mozzarella tasted so fresh! If you are able to keep an appetite for desert, it’s worth it with the Coconut Flan. This was my favorite meal in the Cabo-Todos area.

Amazing Flan


Oystera Champagne

Tucked in the back of a food hall, this spot is ideal for sunset gazing. While they are known for their oysters, you can simply just enjoy some champagne and get some light appetizers. If you do eat oysters, they do have a vast assortment but you can still enjoy the ambience with some champagne. It’s romantic and scenic.

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