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Young American Logan Square Review: Goth Bread and CBD


Young American, Logan Square Review:

Neighborhood: Logan Square

Vegan Options
Vegetarian Options
Pescatarian Options
Food Quality
Cocktail Quality:
Overall Rating:


  • No New Friends CBD Cocktail


  • Goth Bread
  • Cauliflower
  • Cottage Fries
  • Pickled Okra

Read below for my Young American, Logan Square review:

Logan Square’s ever so lauded CBD cocktail bar, Young American is as promising as it sounds ranging from the fun cocktail options to the ambience and carefully curated food. It’s a vast space as it has room in the back to chill out, relax, and drink in dim lighting with general soul/funk music playing from a DJ.

Tasty No New Friends Cocktail at Young American, Review
No New Friends Cocktail

But you do have the option of sitting at a few small tables throughout the bar for eating too. Young American also has a lovely patio for the summer in prime Logan Square people-watching domain. There is table service, which can of course be slow on a weekend night but at least it’s there. The servers are always pleasant even in the midst of the madness.

So what is a CBD cocktail like – to be honest I preferred these cocktails to the regular alcohol cocktails. The CBD tastes subtle but they pair well with the other flavors like lime and Mezcal. The regular alcohol cocktails didn’t really stand out but I like to order the No New Friends CBD cocktail with Mezcal. When Young American first opened you couldn’t order CBD and alcohol in a cocktail but they changed that, which is great! The prices are pretty typical of a Logan Square cocktail bar ($10-12) so get ready to spend some money without going completely broke (or maybe you still will).

Amazing cauliflower at Young American
Cauliflower at Young American

While Young American is primarily known as a cocktail bar, one of my favorite aspects of Young American is the food! It’s unique with bold flavors, fun textures and intense colors. Yes, it’s another small plates restaurant but they’re tasty and eclectic. As for vegetarian and vegan options – they do have a decent amount of vegetarian/pescatarian options but not too many for vegans. One of their dishes, the Pickled Okra has cornichons in a thick, popcorn grit sauce (you can order it without the ham). Their Cauliflower plate is a crunchy heaven and was definitely a highlight of the night.

Amazing Goth Bread at Young American Review
Young American’s Goth Bread

Although the most exciting plate for me was their Goth Bread. I adore the name and the flavor equally! It’s a large charcoal bread boat with pureed tomatoes, a perfect egg yolk, and leeks served with an amazing black butter. It’s messy and uncomfortable to eat but it makes it more satisfying once you’re able to pull it apart. Maybe not the best date food. Another dish that requires hand work are the cottage fries. The cottage frees are sliced potatoes in ghee on a stick served with a spicy tomato dipping sauce. The edges are crunchy with a more tender, soft inside.

Crispy Cottage Potatoes at Young American, Review
Cottage Potatoes at Young American

So whether you’re looking for a distinctive cocktail and dining experience or some fun snacks to have with friends who you’re comfortable enough being messy with, Young American is the spot! It’s really refreshing going to a bar and having an exciting option that’s not alcohol. And while small plates are all the rage these days, they are filling, affordable, and delightful.


  1. Evan Plumb

    That goth bread is ? …Hard to beat that dish

  2. I love those CBD drinks!

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