The wonderful dips at Gundis
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The Gundis Review: Kurdish Outpost in a Sea of Wrigleyville Bros


The Gundis Review
Neighborhood: Lakeview

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Dishes Ordered

  • Sampler (minus the octopus)
  • Red Lentil Soup
  • Spicy Veggie Stew
  • Zaza Pasta Tofu

Read below for my Gundis, Lakeview review

Since Gundis is in Lakeview, it took me awhile to finally try it because I avoid going anywhere near Wrigley Field. But I decided to suck it up because I did not want to continue to deprive myself from trying Kurdish food. I don’t know if Gundis is authentic or if it’s amazing by Kurdish standards but I definitely found it to be a delightful experience.

The amazing hummus and bread at Gundis
The amazing hummus and bread at Gundis

However, Gundis has a more upscale vibe while providing quite affordable prices for lunch and dinner. The service felt a bit rushed but I was there on a busy weekend night. They have an extensive menu with an entire vegetarian section that was also vegan-friendly.

The incredible dips at Gundis
The incredible dips at Gundis

The Food

The dishes at Gundis are similar to Mediterranean/Middle Eastern food with many dips, spices, and tomato sauces. Above all, the most impressive part of our meal was the appetizer sampler, which came with: Ezme (tomatoes and peppers), Hummus, and Baba Ganoush. All of the dips were incredible along with their pita-esque, crispy bread and crackers. My favorite dip was the Ezme, which had pomegranate and tomatoes I’ve never had anything like it before and fell in love with it. I also adore red lentil soup – it’s easy to find yellow lentil soup, but red lentil soup is rarer. It was a cozy and simple cup of red lentil soup that was extremely comforting to me.

Red lentil soup
Red lentil soup

Then, for my entree, I tried the Tirsik, which is a spicy veggie tomato stew. The flavors were balanced and there was a diversity of vegetables. It’s a hearty, veggie-forward stew, which I deeply appreciate. The rice pilaf was cooked to perfection. Finally, I also tried their Zaza Pasta Tofu with red sauce and goat cheese. It was quite tasty and comforting to eat. The goat cheese made the dish so I am not sure if it would taste as good without the goat cheese.

Gundis' veggie stew
Gundis’ veggie stew

At last, I am really happy that I finally had the opportunity to try Kurdish food in Chicago. I would definitely come back for all of those dips. It’s a cozy, warm, and upscale environment where you can eat affordable Kurdish cuisine.

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