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Good Fortune: Where You can Feel Sexy Eating Pasta


Good Fortune Review
Neighborhood: Logan Square

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  • Vinsobre – red wine from the Rhone Valley, France


  • Caramelized Halloumi
  • Marinated Beets
  • Black Garlic Rigatoni
  • Roasted Corn and Ricotta Agnolotti

Read below for my Good Fortune, Logan Square review

I was happy to see that something new was finally coming to the storefront that was formerly occupied by the General in Logan Square. But cautious of course: wondering if it’s affordable, wondering if it’s veg-friendly, the usual concerns I have when I see a new restaurant.

The Vibe

Good Fortune describes itself as having a “sexy-supper club” vibe where “New American” meets “Mediterranean”. The former sounded disturbing but the latter sounded intriguing and ambiguous. Many people asked me, what does “New American” meeting “Mediterranean” mean? And I wasn’t sure how to answer them. While people know what Mediterranean means, “New American” is used all the time when we don’t know how describe a restaurant’s cuisine.

Since I am featuring this spot on my blog, you can probably guess that I ended up loving this place! Good Fortune does have an intimate, chic, dimly lit feel to it (of course making it hard for me to get good food pics since I am just a normal person eating there). I did like the décor and felt like they weren’t going overboard with trying to cultivate a “sexy” vibe. The service was great too and I think our server had a French accent making it feel even sexier.

As we arrived, we were provided with a complementary, mini spritz drink that was refreshing and acidic. Who doesn’t love a free drink!? Their wine and cocktail list is extensive. I was in a wine mood since I can’t have Mediterranean food without wine and my full-bodied red wine from the Rhone Valley was superb.

The Food!

Most importantly, when it came to the food, they have a smaller, limited menu. I wouldn’t say this place is great for vegetarians and especially vegans. It is decent for pescatarians. Their menu is split up into small plates, pasta, and large plates. There are no vegetarian options in the large plates. Aside from having more limited options, the flavors for the options we did have were on point and innovative.

Good Fortune's Marinated Beets
Good Fortune’s Marinated Beets

Our first small plate was the Marinated Beets and they were definitely a highlight of the meal for us. The beets were perfectly acidic with hints of orange, minced olives, and a pine nut crumble for texture. The Caramelized Halloumi dish was exciting in itself because well it’s Halloumi. The Halloumi was seasoned with za’atar, a green harissa yogurt and served with stone fruit giving it a hint of sweetness. I didn’t really taste the yogurt flavor, which was good because nothing should ever dominate Halloumi. I could do without the sweetness from the fruit and prefer more salty/savory food but the Halloumi itself is pretty salty so it was still a good dish.

Caramelized Halloumi
Caramelized Halloumi

Since we couldn’t eat any of the large plates because none of them were vegetarian, we ordered 2 pastas: Black Garlic Rigatoni and the Roasted Corn and Ricotta Agnolotti. Both of these were inventive and extremely flavorful. The Black Garlic Rigatoni seemed to have had charcoal in it, which gave the pasta an interesting, starchy texture. The maitake mushrooms added that perfect umami kick to the savory garlic notes of the sauce. The pepitas (pumpkin seeds), were a welcome addition to the pasta dish and gave it a hint of crispiness on top.

Good Fortune's twist on elotes
Good Fortune’s twist on elotes

Last But Not Least…

Finally, the star of the night though was the Roasted Corn and Ricotta Agnolotti. It was a pasta play on a popular dish that I see more and more at restaurants, elotes. The corn was sweet and was balanced with the chili oil. It was buttery with cotija sprinkled and had a slightly pungent kick from the cilantro. The agnolotti tasted so fresh and the buttery sauce perfectly enveloped the pasta.

I was too full to try dessert (big surprise) and was quite satiated. Good Fortune is one of those pricier small plates restaurants but they have promising, innovative and eclectic flavors. I would definitely go back here again when I want to feel sexy eating pasta in a dimly lit supper club again.

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