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Mini Mott Review: Simple Menu, Fun Flavors


Neighborhood: Logan Square

Vegetarian Options Rating: ★★1/2

Pescatarian Options Rating: ★★1/2

Affordability: ★★★★

Ambience: ★★★★

Service: ★★★★

 Food Quality: ★★★★

Overall Rating: ★★★★


  • Vegetarian Burger – Jackfruit “Carnitas”
  • Garlic Confit Fries
  • Shishito Peppers

I am a huge fan of Mott Street so I was definitely excited to try their newest creation, Mini Mott. I was disappointed when I saw that it was mainly a burger and wings place since there’s already so many burger and wings places in Chicago.  But they have a really delicious vegetarian burger that helped me get over my disappointment.  I appreciate that it is a faster, more affordable place since there are so many restaurants in Logan Square that are pricey.


There’s a chill patio, a large window sitting area so you can still get a breeze if you’re inside and a diner area with circular chairs and tables.  It’s pretty minimal with an “upscale diner” feel.  The menu is also pretty minimal but thank god for the vegetarian option since I wasn’t expecting it given how places like Small Cheval don’t care at all about non-meat eaters.

The cashier was very upbeat and enthusiastic and she answered any questions we had about the food.  We got the vegetarian burger which is made out of Jackfruit “carnitas” and it came with succulent pickles, a mild hoisin aioli, crunchy sweet potato frizzles for texture, and onions.  The Jackfruit texture reminded me of pulled pork without the gross pork flavor (I never liked pork even when I ate meat) but when you chewed the Jackfruit, it was soft and savory with plenty of umami flavors.

The burger was supposed to come with pickled jalapeño and miso butter, but I didn’t really taste the pickled jalapeño or miso butter.  However, it still was a really good tasting, satisfying burger.  The bread was also toasted nicely and not super heavy.

Jackfruit “carnitas” burger

We also shared an order of the garlic confit fries.  The garlic confit was absolutely delicious and the fries tasted really good but I would have liked for there to be more of the confit on there since I love garlic.  I was happy to see Shishito peppers on the menu since I wanted some vegetables and love these kinds of peppers.  The peppers were blistered perfectly and they came with sweet soy glaze, frizzles, green onions, and sesame on top.  I think it could have been a tad more flavorful, but the blistered, crispy texture was really satisfying.

Garlic Confit Fries

If you’re a fan of ice cream, they have soft-serve and shakes.  I’m not super into ice cream so I didn’t try it but it looked good and they have unique flavors.  They also have alcoholic drinks if you want something boozy with your burger.

Shishito peppers

I’m happy to see a relatively affordable, quick, gourmet option in Logan Square where you can get a veggie burger for $10.  I also appreciate that they are open all day and until 12am on weekends for us night owls!  Take your meat loving and vegetarian friends to Mini Mott and enjoy the relaxed, unpretentious vibes and flavors.

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