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Bite Cafe Review: A No Frills, Authentic Dining Experience with True Vegetarian Options


Neighborhood: Ukrainian Village

Vegetarian Options Rating: ★★★★

Pescatarian Options Rating: ★★★★★

Affordability: ★★★★

Ambience: ★★★★★

Service: ★★★★

 Food Quality: ★★★★★

Overall Rating: ★★★★★

Bite is one of my favorite brunch and dinner spots.  I love everything about the ambience here.  It’s easygoing, unpretentious, and the servers aren’t too cool to give you decent service.  I always enjoy the music as it’s eclectic and unpredictable, but at times very familiar.  The other night they were playing my favorite Cursive songs that brought me back twelve years ago.

They have high quality vegetarian cuisine here.  Everything I have had here has been sooo delicious except for their Chilaquiles (they were a little bland).  My go to here for brunch is their Veggie Eggs Benedict and Veggie Breakfast Poutine.  The eggs benedict can be made without the meat and it comes with a generous portion of spinach underneath the poached egg.

The hollandaise sauce and pimento cheddar spread are heavenly!  I am not crazy about pimento cheddar but this place makes me like it.  Their mashbrown is also flavorful and a nice spin on the traditional hashbrowns, breakfast potatoes concept.

Veggie Eggs Benedict with the Mashbrown

Their vegetarian poutine is out of this world!  I love their mushroom gravy.  It’s soooo hard to find vegetarian gravy for poutine because they are usually beef or chicken – based (how lame), but Bite offers a truly scrumptious mushroom gravy for their poutine.  Their fries are a great balance between crunchy and soft, the gravy and cheese curds are well distributed along with the fried eggs on top making for an oozing liquid deliciousness once you pop that egg yolk.  They serve a generous portion of fresh mushrooms, which complement the crunchy fries.

Breakfast Poutine with Mushroom Gravy

I also enjoy coming here for dinner and loved their vegetarian burger.  It was not that generic frozen stuff you get, it was fresh and made right there with tasty aioli and generous serving of fries.

On Tuesday nights, they have a great date night deal where it’s $36 for an appetizer, two entrees, and a dessert.  It’s such an affordable way to have a lovely meal with a close person in your life.  We started with the poutine – I’ve had it for brunch before but the dinner one was slightly different and had pickled carrots and more vegetables in there.  The gravy was perfection along with the chunky cheese curds.

Dinner Poutine with Mushroom Gravy

For our entrees, we ordered the Pappardelle Pasta, which had mild, earthy flavors.  The Pappardelle was amazing and tasted very fresh.  The sauce was a leak cream sauce that had mushrooms, a bit of parmesan and a gremolata seasoning.  There was a unique mixture of textures in there between the crunchy gremolata and the soft pappardelle.

Pappardelle with Mushrooms

We also ordered the Ocean Trout which stole the night!  The trout was seasoned to perfection served over a celery root puree, a vegetable hash and potatoes seasoned in lemon pepper.  It was light with a mixture of delicate and potent flavors.  The trout had a tender, flaky texture and was seasoned perfectly.

Ocean Trout

To conclude the meal on a sweet note, we ordered the Ricotta filled donuts and they were absolutely out of this world!  The filling was soft and gooey and the outside was crispy with a generous coating of cinnamon sugar.

Ricotta Donuts

Bite is also BYOB, which makes it even more appealing of a place to eat at.  The prices are reasonable, especially for the quality of food you’re getting.  Then the BYOB aspect makes it even more affordable to come here.  I like the small, intimate feel of Bite and will continue to be a regular here.

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