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Check out my San Francisco travel part 2 blog post below! My last blog post focused on the tantalizing restaurants of San Francisco. This blog post features my favorite coffee shops in San Francisco that were also recommended by my local friend. You will find coffee shops with creative, fun lattes along with more “serious” traditional spots showcasing reliable coffee. I also wanted to highlight an amazing bakery that also has coffee and tea. See my recommendations below for some spots that I highly recommend the next time you’re in San Francisco and need some caffeine!

Home Coffee Roasters, Chinatown

Birthday Cake Latte

Located in the heart of Chinatown, this coffee shop has plenty of creative latte and tea concoctions. You can get a Birthday Cake latte with sprinkles and vanilla or a sparkling cold brew for something stronger. I also loved their hot rosemary latte for a chillier day. Home Coffee has cozy vibes with a bit of space for working and hanging out. There are also multiple locations in other neighborhoods.

Coffee Movement SF, Chinatown

The Coffee Movement

This spot is in demand with a line out the door and a very rigid system for ordering but very friendly baristas nonetheless. You can get some “serious” coffee here but also some cheeky lattes such as their Vanilla Rosemary Latte. I recommend just getting a simple slow drip coffee here and sipping it on the counter outside.

Arsicault, Civic Center

Heavenly croissant from Arsicault

Arsicault is pure heaven. This bakery has two locations in San Francisco but the one in the Tenderloin district has more savory items. The contrast between the surrounding Tenderloin district and the pleasantness of the food here is quite jarring but you’ll be distracted from it once you taste how delicious everything is until you have to step outside again.

Incredible sandwich from Arsicault

Every morsel I ate here made me repeatedly say “this is the best … I’ve ever had.” Their almond blackberry croissant was comforting, flaky, and sweet, but not overly sweet. Their mushroom goat cheese quiche was also incredible with a satisfying crust. If you want to eat vegetables and not just pure carbs, you should also try their cauliflower sandwich served on a baguette with pickled cauliflower and arugula.

Sightglass, Theater District

Sightglass coffee

I loved the large industrial interior as I found a lot of coffee shops in San Francisco too small to hang out and do work at. But Sightglass is an excellent spot to do some work, that is if you don’t need wifi. That was a rough surprise as I finally found a space large enough to do work at. But they had an excellent matcha latte and plenty of snacks in case you need to entertain yourself without wifi.

District Tea, Mission District

Boba Tea

Boba tea lovers can rejoice because you can have pretty much any tea and topping as options here. Customize your next boba tea to your heart’s content. I had a wonderful jasmine tea with boba and no milk. It was refreshing and lovely to walk around the Mission with on a sunny afternoon.

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