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Mexico City Travel Blog Post


See below for my Mexico City Travel Blog Post!

I am so thrilled to have finally visited this incredibly vibrant and beautiful city. I cannot wait to go back as we barely scratched the surface. During our time here, we explored the charming neighborhoods like Roma Norte, Roma Sur, Condesa, and Xochimilco. The first three neighborhoods I mentioned have a plethora of distinctive restaurants, bars, boutiques, and gorgeous parks.

The gorgeous canals of Xochimilco

If you have a few hours to go on an incredibly unique boat ride, Xochimilco is about 30-45 minutes outside of the city where you can rent a boat for 2 hours with a captain at your side on the river. You can get endless micheladas, margaritas, and quesadillas (vegetarian and vegan options) served to you as you enjoy the gorgeous views, dogs, and dolls that you stroll by. Bring a speaker so you can enjoy your favorite beats as your gliding on the river.

The colorful boats of Xochimilco.

I found Mexico City extremely veg-friendly but you have to be in the right neighborhoods. I found Roma Norte and Roma Sur to have an excellent variety of vegetarian spots and wanted to share my finds with you all!

Of course there were so many places on my list that I didn’t make it to so I will add to this list when I go back! I also drank my weight in mezcal as I slowly slipped smoky, aged libations at various mezcalerias and regular bars without being rushed.

Check out my collection of the best vegetarian food from restaurants and vibrant cocktails from bars that I had the privilege of eating and drinking.

Read below for my Mexico City travel blog post list!


La Pitahaya Vegana, Roma Norte

The delicious vegan tacos of La Pitahaya.

There is no shortage of vegan restaurants in Mexico City so I was super excited to try one that I had read about. La Pitahaya Vegana is located in Roma Norte so get some coffee, check out the plethora of cool boutiques and record shops, and then go to La Pitahaya when you have worked up an appetite. They were closing their brunch at 3:30pm so we didn’t get to sit and eat on their patio but we did a to-go order. I will warn you that they are incredibly slow but once we got our food, we were okay and took it to the nearby park, Plaza Luis Cabrera.

We ordered their Mole Mixteco which came with handmade pink tortillas stuffed with banana, coconut cheese and served with the best Oaxacan mole I have ever had. The mole was complex, perfectly spiced, and vegan! This dish reminds me of a quesadilla covered in a flavorful mole.

The Mole Mixteco

In addition to the mole dish, we ordered an assortment of their tacos that all come with their signature handmade pink tortillas. We tried the Pastor De Setas, Machaca Tofu, and the Jamaica Al Pibil taco. The Pastor De Setas was a mushroom taco with al pastor seasoning and pineapple. The seasoning was lovely but there was too much pineapple for my tastes. I did love the Machaca Tofu, which were pink tortillas filled with creamy scrambled tofu and a super fresh guacamole. The Jamaica Al Pibil was my favorite taco with pickled hibiscus and pickled onion. I had never had anything like it and was blown away by how good that hibiscus was.

Cicatriz, Roma Norte

Fabulous Orange Wine at Cicatriz.

If you are looking for a laid-back café with delicious bites and wine, Cicatriz is the place to be! I fell in love with how charming and open this spot was. We started with a dry, acidic orange wine, which was one of the best orange wines I have ever had. When I drink orange wine, I am looking for one that is complex, dry, pungent, and acidic  – I am no sommelier so forgive me if these adjectives fail to capture the fabulousness of orange wine.

Green Goddess Dip at Cicatriz.
Spanish Egg Sandwich.

We also had some tasty brunch snacks including their Spanish tortilla style egg sandwich and avocado toast. The Spanish egg sandwich was simple, yet tasty with a paprika aioli and fresh bread. The avocado toast was refreshing served on sourdough, topped with watermelon radish and herbed greens. My favorite was the Green Goddess Dip, which was creamy, light, and topped with seaweed, cucumbers and a watermelon radish.

Avocado Toast.

Passilo De Humo, Condesa

Mixed Greens and Cactus Tlayudas.
Oaxacan Cheese Pizza.

If you are looking for vegetarian-friendly Oaxacan food, this is the place to be! The setting is very rustic adorned with wood. They have quite the assortment of mezcal so we obviously had to try their mezcal, which was nice and smoky. We had two different Tlayudas (Oaxacan pizza), one with mole and Oaxacan string cheese and the other with mixed greens and cactus. Both were tasty in their own ways but I am a sucker for mole so the mole one was my favorite.

Fresh Kale Tacos.

We also tried their kale-zucchini tacos, which were crunchy and had pumpkin seeds on top. I loved the textures in these tacos. The showstopper was the plantain fritters served in a sultry mole with microgreens on top. The filling was creamy and paired perfectly with the heavy mole flavor. The food was authentic and the service was my favorite of every restaurant we went to. This is an essential spot to visit in Mexico City!

Plantain Fritters.

Mercado Roma, Roma Sur

Gigantic Cubana.

I am not sure if it’s usually like this but when we went, we were inundated by numerous vendors coming to our table giving us menus and asking us if we wanted anything. I was pretty full from dinner earlier so I ordered a Cubana` (American style Michelada with tamarind). It was gigantic and somewhat sweet. I prefer more spicy so I put some hot sauce in there and called it a night.

I also tried my friend’s dosa and paneer tikka masala from the Happy Buddha spot, which were incredible. It was exciting to try the Indian food in Mexico City and I was very impressed. The paneer and sauce were extremely flavorful and the dosa was crispy with an assortment of sambal and another really tasty garlic-pepper sauce.

Lardo, Roma Norte

Pomegranate Burrata.

This Mediterranean-Mexican fusion restaurant is a dream. They have brunch and incredible pastries but also a dazzling dinner. They have an excellent assortment of wine and we shared a bottle of their orange wine, which was perfect for that 65 degree weather. We shared many small plates and there were plenty of vegetarian options. A delightful pomegranate burrata was a perfect starter served with a freshly baked pita-ish bread.

Caramelized Onion Pizza

Another stand-out item was the perfectly made eggplant parmesan with a sultry tomato sauce and the spinach lasagna with a sweet bechamel. Their caramelized onion pizza was simple but incredibly flavorful. If you want a post-dinner tea, they serve them in adorable teapots. If you only have a few days in Mexico City, this is a must!


Hotel Condesa DF Rooftop Bar, Condesa

Refreshing Tequila Cocktail.

If you’re looking for a lovely outdoor rooftop to day drink as you overlook the city, this is the place to be! I had a tequila cocktail that was perfect for a sunny afternoon. They also have an assortment of wine and beer along with sushi if you get hungry. Everything about the cocktails and the ambience were extremely pleasant.

Gorgeous Views from the Hotel Rooftop!

Waikiki Tiki Room, Roma Norte

Tiki Cocktail from Waikiki.

While Mexico City is nice and warm, I am always in need of a tropical escape. Waikiki Tiki Room has carefully crafted tiki drinks that aren’t overly sweet and have really distinctive flavors. I tried the Saturn and a friend’s Death Paradise – you can’t go wrong with either. They have a lovely patio as well so you can be more covid safe!

La Lavanderia and La Clandestina, Roma Norte

Squash Blossom Tlayuda.

For our first night in Mexico City, we were looking for a chill spot outdoors to sip on mezcal while eating some snacks to absorb the mezcal and La Lavanderia was it! There were many options for their Tlayudas, which is a specialty there – it’s like a Mexican pizza with a very thin crust. We ordered Tlayudas with squash blossom and huitlacoche (corn smut – tastes a lot better than it sounds). Both of the tlayudas were delicious and I found myself enjoying the squash blossom one the most.

We also tried three different mezcals and our server was super helpful with his recommendations. We tasted a combination of smoky and aged mezcal even though my heart will always go for the smoky mezcal.

For our last night in Mexico City, we went to the sister bar/restaurant, La Clandestina, which has the same owners and menus but the interiors/patios are slightly different. We enjoyed an assortment of mezcal on the patio just like we did at La Lavanderia. The server was super helpful with mezcal recommendations based on our flavor preferences. There was a lively ambiance and we were never rushed.

  • Hope you enjoyed my Mexico City Travel Blog post! Want more vegetarian-centric travel recs? Check out my other travel posts.

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