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Logan Square Coffee Tour with a Splash of Philosophy!

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Hello lovely followers! I have decided to take my passion for coffee, tea, and Logan Square on the road through Airbnb Experiences! I have recently launched my Logan Square Coffee/Tea Tour where I have partnered up with some of the most intriguing and unique coffee shops and tea spots in the Logan Square neighborhood. Read below for the details and click here to book through airbnb or book directly through me by emailing

Sharing my expertise and knowledge!
Sharing my expertise and knowledge!

Where – 3 Coffee/Tea Shops Total

It’s a surprise! We will visit some of the most dynamic three coffee shops/tea spots that are integral to the neighborhood. These are all within a short 5-10 minute walk from one another in Logan Square. Each coffee/tea spot will have a unique sampling/pairing to fulfill your adventurous spirit!

1) Two distinctly brewed coffee samples with pastries.

2) Dynamic and herbaceous latte flight.

3) Intimate tea ceremony with a tea tender (FRI).

4) Two hario coffee samples from a cupping collection, mini tour, and pastries (SAT/SUN).

Get lost in the coffee!
Get lost in the coffee!

What’s Included

Coffee and tea samples from 3 of the 4 spots below (and pastries from 2)!

  • 2 coffee samples utilizing different brewing methods with accompanying pastry samples.
  • 2 herbaceous latte samples (4 oz each).
  • Tea tasting ceremony from a Tea Tender.
  • 2 Harios from a special cupping collection, a tour. and pastry samples.


There will be tours on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 1pm-3pm (2 hours). If these times don’t work for you, please email me at to set up another time.

Latte samples from Pilot Project.
Delicious latte samples.


We will be walking to each spot so there will be about 15 minutes of walking total throughout the tour.  Each spot is about a 5-10 minute walk from one another so you can warm up inside of the coffee shops after a brief and brisk walk. If walking is difficult, then I recommend ubering or driving to and from each spot.

Dietary Restrictions

All spots offer non-dairy milk options. As long as I am given notice of any food allergies/restrictions at least 24 hours prior to the tour, the coffee shops will also provide pastry samples to accommodate for dietary restrictions.

Tea ceremony at East Hill Tea.
Tea ceremony.

Philosophical Connection

While I am a vegetarian food blogger on the side, I teach philosophy full-time and am a published author in philosophy.

I will be sharing my philosophical knowledge throughout the tour and pairing them with the vibe and samples of each spot (e.g. Zen Buddhism for tea and existentialism for coffee). I will share a philosophical quote for discussion at each spot. No one is required to engage in the discussion if they don’t want to so I am happy to do whatever you are comfortable with!

I will share my knowledge of Logan Square and the surrounding neighborhoods.
I will share my knowledge of Logan Square and the surrounding neighborhoods.


I am offering a discount for the first 10 individuals who book (or bookings in the first month) so your ticket will be $33. Your ticket includes coffee, tea, and pastry samples from all of the spots along with tours, philosophy, and expertise shared. Airbnb takes out a 20% fee/ticket so this is the lowest I can really keep the ticket in order to make minimum wage.

Do You Provide Private Tours?

Yes, I do! Check out my private tour rate on Airbnb! I am also happy to do something outside of Airbnb.

Anything Else?

Given my knowledge of the vegetarian/vegan food scene in Chicago (especially in the Logan Square, Bucktown, and Wicker Park area) I will also provide restaurant and bar recommendations to my guests.

Sounds Awesome, How Can I Book?

Click here to book this through Airbnb! Or you can email me: to do a private booking or a tour outside of Airbnb.


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