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As an avid food blog reader and restaurant goer in Chicago, I often grow frustrated regarding the invisibility of ethical concerns and budget concerns in these spaces.  Sure, it’s feasible to find a decent restaurant while on a budget.  Sure it’s feasible to find a decent healthy restaurant.  But what about a place that is ethical AND affordable.  Many of the most highly ranked restaurants in Chicago tend to be very meat-centric and expensive (hint, hint: Girl and the Goat, Publican, Duck Duck Goat, Longman and Eagle, etc.).

While Chicago has its fair share of delicious burger joints, steakhouses, and an odd obsession with bone marrow, what options are there for those of us who are ethical eaters?  What options are there for those of us who are on a budget?  I explore ethical and affordable eating and drinking in Chicago.  I provide an overall rating, a vegetarian/pescatarian rating, and an affordability rating.

I consider how many true options are there for us pescatarians and vegetarians (are we just relegated to the tasteless iceberg lettuce side salad or are there actual, hearty options for us).  I also consider how affordable the restaurant/bar is in relation to the quality and quantity of food/drinks you are getting.  Some places are worth splurging at while others are not.  And finally, I of course take into account the usual suspects: friendliness, service, quality, taste, quantity, ambience, etc..

Read away and enjoy!  Thank you for stopping by!

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